About Us

What we're all about

Founded in February 2009, My Computer Tech has its roots in humble beginnings as an individually owned computer repair shop. It has, for the most part, operated as such ever since. Our goal is to prove that you don't need a "genius bar" or "geek squad" to get quick, affordable, high quality repairs with excellent service. All it takes is a small team of honest, trusted professionals to give you the no-nonsense solutions to the problems you came to solve. As part of our mission, we promise to never try to sell you any additional "invisible services" or products that are unneeded, nor will we ever offer ridiculously priced "technical support" subscriptions with fine print all over. You simply come to us with a problem you'd like to solve, be it big or small, and we'll offer a comprehensive diagnostic and a reasonable estimate and time frame, that's it.

We proudly serve thousands of customers each year, and stand firmly on our principle that repair should not be a black box that takes in computers and spits out confusing estimates and sometimes untouched machines with ridiculous "bench fees". You'll know from start to finish exactly what needs to be done, what parts need to be ordered, when they will arrive and how long it'll all take. No bench fees, no nonsense.

At My Computer Tech, service is first and foremost, and we hope you'll give us the opportunity to prove that and join the thousands of happy customers that said no to wait-times and overpriced estimates, and said yes to a pain-free gadget repair experience.